Hundeakademiet: Professionel hundetræning

At Hundeakademiet, we specialize in coaching you and your dogs in small, personalized teams. Our certified dog coach offers tailored training sessions that enhance both your skills and your dog’s well-being. Join us to nurture a harmonious bond with your furry friend!

Expert Dog Grooming Services

Pamper your dog with our premium grooming. From basic grooming to luxurious treatments, we ensure your dog looks and feels fantastic.

Comprehensive Grooming

Keep your dog clean, healthy, and stylish with our grooming services.

Luxury Dog Spa

Indulgent spa treatments to relax and rejuvenate your pet.

Custom Grooming Styles

Give your dog a unique and fashionable look with custom grooming.

Pamper Your Pup at Hundeakademiet

Welcome to Hundeakademiet, your professional dog grooming and coaching destination. We offer expert care and personalized services for your furry friends.


Years of Expertise

15+ years of dog coaching and grooming excellence.


Dog Breeds Coached

Experienced in coaching 30+ dog breeds for diverse needs.


Happy Dogs and Owners

We have served over 500 happy clients who trust us with their dog’s coaching and grooming.


Expert Dog Coaching Services

We offer three coaching options: basic training, advanced obedience, and specialized behavior modification.

Expert Dog Grooming Services Share Your Journey

Discover rave reviews from satisfied clients who love Hundeakademiet.

Hundeakademiet exceeded my expectations! My dog looks fantastic.

David Miller

Dog Enthusiast

The team at Hundeakademiet genuinely cares about pets’ well-being.

Ashley Davis

Pet Lover

I highly recommend Hundeakademiet for exceptional grooming services!

Robert Wilson

Pet Enthusiast

Hundeakademiet is the perfect place for happy and well-groomed pets.

Megan Anderson

Dog Advocate

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